The Renaissance Man Revisited: How Michael Ede Illustrates that Multipotentiality Is Not a Relic of the Past

Written by – Michael Ede

Polymath, renaissance man, jack-of-all-trades – words that may seem outdated, but they point to the men and women throughout history who have pursued multipotentiality. These terms suggest the crucial traits of intelligence, humanity, and passion – wanted in employees; necessary in leaders. Yet, in the modern world, it may seem that hyper-specialisation is the way to go. Is it?

A few entrepreneurs, led by their drive and skills, have found freedom in avoiding pigeonholes. Instead, they cast a wide net, letting their interests dictate where they apply themselves, and finding influence, success, and meaning thereby. This case study highlights one such entrepreneur.

A Dynamic and Intelligent Youth

Michael Maigeri Ede was born on 3 March 1975, in Nigeria. Like many children the world over, he fell in love with sports at a young age, particularly football. However, he was an outstanding student and maintained the tenuous balance of never letting sports distract him from academic success but refusing to allow his quest for knowledge to quell his passion for the game. His burgeoning interest in science evidenced this versatility and focus. Ede matriculated at the University of Jos and attained a baccalaureate in biochemistry with honours.

Cultivating Talent and Pursuing Higher Education

Despite his scientific talents, Ede became interested in business and entrepreneurship. So he relocated to the UK and began work as a consultant, quickly building a reputation as an insightful, driven, and highly-skilled addition to teams at many companies. His early clients included T-Mobile, NHS Trust, eBay, and Lehman Brothers.

As he gained valuable experience and skills, Michael Ede began to illustrate just how versatile he is, consulting in several different industries, managing projects, and accruing bona fides as a heavy-hitter in IT. But, as he had done earlier, Ede tempered his natural talents with formal education, earning an MBA from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2011.

As his star continued to rise, Ede managed projects for Santander, Lloyds, Capgemini, and AstraZeneca, proving that the idea of the Renaissance Man is not outdated. His competence across industries and with different project methodologies has earned him accolades and praise from colleagues worldwide.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Asserts Itself

In 2013, Ede formed Maigmike Consulting to leverage his multi-industry experience more directly. As the founder, CEO, and managing director, Ede has engineered the best vantage for himself to transform how a business performs. Working with his agile team, he helps firms re-invigorate their customer experience through high-level strategy, personnel management, organisational restructuring, tech implementation, and new market penetration.

Blending Sports, Management, and the Desire to Help Others

Combining his passion for the beautiful game with his business acumen, Ede founded Uplift11 Sports in September 2020. As one of the UK’s fastest-growing sports talent management agencies, Uplift11 Sports has built a reputation for sound strategy, revolutionary thinking, and dogged dedication to the careers of the players it manages. From the outset, Ede held a strong vision for his talent agency, and Uplft11 Sports maintains its talent-centric orientation through contract negotiations, financial management, and securing endorsements.

As CEO and managing director of Uplift11 Sports, Ede brings a host of credentials and a global perspective to the job. He consistently works with players from around the world, but he maintains a particular focus on cultivating the latent talent in his native Africa. The team at Uplift11 Sports leverages all aspects of sports management to build players’ brands, making their careers sustainable on and off the pitch – even in retirement.

Ede himself is not just a figurehead of the company Uplift11 Sports; he works directly with players and managers. He is an FA Registered Players Intermediary. In addition, he completed the John Viola Academy Football Agent Pro Course, The Football Agent Masterclass at the Football Agent Institute, and Football Scouting and Players Recruitment Level 1 certification.

Ede’s passion for sport and dedication to his clients has allowed him to work with many rising stars in the world of football, including Charlevy Mabiala, Lewis Horner, Lugiani Gallardo, Tonći Kukoč, and many others. Uplift11 Sports also manages coaches, and Ede has built close working relationships with several, most notably Sergey Matveyev and Emanuele Ferraro.

Collaboration with Sarah Ede

Although his responsibilities at Maigmike Consulting and Uplift11 Sports required tremendous energy and skill, Ede also helped build Brighter Connect with the company’s CEO, his beloved wife, Sarah. As a result, brighter Connect is an internationally renowned company that offers high-end IT, soft skills, and best practices courses.

Ede worked as the Brighter Connect Programme Manager, migrating learners onto a new LMS and implementing their end-to-end training programme (among other projects). The training he helped design has allowed multinational organisations, governments, and other companies to upskill their workers, promoting meaningful careers and company growth.

Focus on Family Keeps Everything in Perspective

All great leaders need a reliable support network. For Mr. Ede, that is his family. He married his wife Sarah in September of 2016, and they have been devoted spouses and reliable partners since. Their two children, daughter Anne Elizabeth and son Jason Asher-Michael are the focus of their lives, keeping the two driven “overachievers” grounded in what is truly important and meaningful in life.

From this loving centre of mutual support, the Edes have turned outward, giving freely of themselves to the community in numerous acts of philanthropy. Most notably, they have raised funds for the Great Ormond Street Hospital children’s charity

Michael Ede: Modern Polymath and Loving Family Man

It is, perhaps, the most authentic sign of Michael Ede’s success that his life centers upon helping others – businesses, athletes, learners, and communities. His holistic approach to everything leverages intellect, passion, and endurance to make an impact on those around him. Whether he needs to set up an IT infrastructure, give personal advice to one of his young athletes, or help children in his community, Michael Ede leverages the intelligence, humanity, and passion of a true renaissance man.